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Hand Tied Invisible Bead Extensions - 

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering hand tied Invisible Bead Extensions

Are these Extensions for me?

For each new client, in order to determine if these extensions are an ideal service for you, we book a complimentary consultation appointment to talk about desired results and cost in great depth.

What does Maintenance look like? How long do the Extensions Last?

Every 6-8 weeks your extensions need to be maintained. Hair wefts last between 9 months to a year. Your

maintenance appointment, we will remove the grown out rows and re-attach each row appropriately close to the scalp.

What do I need to do at home to keep my scalp and extensions clean and healthy?

We recommend brushing regularly with a boar bristle or extension brush.  To maintain the integrity of the hair it is crucial to stay out of salt water and chlorine.

We recommend that you use paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

It is vital that hair is dry when going to sleep. Wet hair will cause matting and knottingand is hair extensions worst enemy.

Additionally a light leave-in conditioner such as “It’s a ten miracle leave-in" is recommended to ensure the hair is moisturized.

What kind of hair is used?

The hair selected for any of our extensions are 100% natural cuticle human intact remy hair.

Can I wear my hair up too?

NBR extensions are extremely easy to hide-even with your hair in a ponytail. Your daily life and activities will not be limited.

How are these extensions installed?

Wefts are sewn to your natural hair using a beaded track, known as a foundation. We will first create your

foundation and then strategically layer your hand tied hair wefts. This method causes little to no damage to your natural hair and is comfortable.

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